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Bank Probationary Officer PO

This is the first entry point for starting a management career in banking industry. PO`s move up the ladder to occupy positions like Manager, General Manager etc., based on their performance & experience. That is the reason for the huge interest shown by graduates in applying for PO posts.

Examination Pattern

The exams for Probationary banks are almost same in all banks. They would have two tests Objective test & descriptive test.

The Objective test would have Reasoning, Quantitative aptitude, Test of English & General awareness.

0.25 marks would be reduced for each wrong answer as negative marking.

The descriptive test will expect candidates to write essay-type answers on questions given. Normally it would for 60mins & the test is only to qualify. The marks awarded are not added to final selection or ranking, but you have to clear this test (minimum 40% marks) as well.

Preparing for Bank PO Exam

Candidates will have to answer 200-250 objective questions within 2 hours & this makes it a necessity for fast mind calculations, short methods to arrive at answers etc.,

A. Aptitude & Reasoning Section

Time allocation should be maximum for preparation. Similarly, focus more on these sections during the test, as they are prone to confuse you often.

B. Quantitative aptitude

will deal with basic math's algebra, profit loss, percentage problems, arithmetic problems etc. Material by NAVIGATOR will help you prepare for this.

C. Practice

is the only key to crack Reasoning questions. Most candidates feel this part lets them down during the exam. Questions would be based on diagrams, statements, analysis etc, & will test your problem solving skills.

D. Test of English

will have questions on grammer, vocabulary, synonyms.

E. General awareness

needs no introduction as questions are asked only from general events, economic development, people & organizations. Read newspapers with special focus on banking & finance, money markets, global business.

General Instructions

Do not guess wildly & blindly as there is negative marking for each wrong answer.

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A clerk in a PSU bank is the first point of contact person for inquiries & guidance for outsiders or bank customers.

Unlike any common clerk his/her duty is not just limited to a basic job, i.e. admin, but he/she takes care of accounts related or cash related work also. Additionally today PSU banks have a SINGLE WINDOW SYSTEM, where in a clerk is expected to be able to handle any task that a bank asks him/her to perform.

The most basic function of a clerk is to maintain customer's accounts and solve customer complaints/inquiries related to their needs and account descripancies, if any.

Apart from the basic function he/she performs other duties also, the list of which is given below.

  • Document Verification for bank.
  • Single Window Counter task.
  • Issue Cash Receipts and ESI Stamps at Counters (ESI-Employee State Insurance).
  • Taking care of Treasury.
  • Pass Books Updation.
  • Back-office tasks, viz. collection of receipts, maintaining ledgers, reconcilliation statements etc.
  • Sanction withdrawals, scrolling of cheques, issuing DD (on request) etc.
  • Cash handeling, bank keys custodian.
  • Market financial products of the bank such as deposits, loans, and schemes to clients and walk-ins.
  • Clerk should be well-versed with computers since most of these task have nooe been digitised.
  • IBPS Clerk Salary and other benefits.

    Basic pay - Rs.11765/m
    [Scale - 11765-(655/3)-13730-(815/3)-16175-(980/4)-20095-(1145/7)-28110-(2120/1)-30230-(1310/1)-31540]

    Special Allowance - Rs.911
    DA - Rs.5311
    TA - Rs.425
    HRA - Rs. 1058 (minimum)

    SALARY - Rs.19472

    DA (Dearness Allowance) - Revised quarterly and is based on CPI. DA can go up with higher CPI and vice versa.
    HRA (House Rent Allowance) - Varies according to Clerk's place of posting i.e. metros(8.5%), big cities(7.5%), and other locations(6.5%).
    TA (Transport Allowance) - It is also an additional amount of IBPS Clerk take home salary.
    Medical Allowance - This allowance is paid annually. And for a clerk, it is fixed at Rs 2000.

    As per 11th BPS of 2015 an IBPS Clerk gets Rs.21990 (Gross Salary) of which Cash component (Salary on hand) is Rs.19472.

    There are multiple scenarios for next BPS revision (Bipartite Settlement) which will alter basic pay to following.
    1. 20% - Rs.15374
    2. 25% - Rs.16015
    3. 30% - Rs.16655
    It is apparent that if basic pay increases, gross and net salary will also increase.

    Internal Promotion: To understand this one needs to know different scales (which are 7 presently) in a PSU Bank. Different scales have been mentioned below for easy understanding.

    Scale Ranks
    1 Officer / Assistant Manager / Clerk
    2 Manager
    3 Senior Manager
    4 Chief Manager
    5 Assistant General Manager (AGM)
    6 Deputy General Manager (DGM)
    7 General Manager (GM)